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Izbuc 37 Consulting S.R.L.

Many things have changed negatively in Germany, as well as in other Western European countries, in recent years and prompted us to look intensively at the topic of emigration back in 2017. At first, Canada and Ireland were on the test bench as potential destinations.


Then, rather by chance, we came across Romania. A country about which there are more prejudices in Western Europe than current and serious information.


We spent a good two years researching, looking at population and economic data, weighing up the advantages of individual regions (quality of life, infrastructure, etc.) and dealing with the history and tradition of these countries.


In the end, despite the language barrier, one clear favourite remained: Romania.


Despite all the preparation and research, a bold undertaking! After all, there was a school-age 12-year-old whose interests had to be taken into account and, in addition to the property search, the development of a coherent business concept and the founding of a company were on the to-do list.



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The first steps towards Romania


The commissioned "German-speaking real estate agent with many years of experience" quickly proved to be unsuitable, so we took the real estate search into our own hands, despite our full-time job as marketing and IT consultants. We therefore spent endless "night shifts" looking at the Romanian property market. After all, we had clear ideas about our property and didn't want to have any real estate object in Romania's poorhouse, the Moldova region, talked up.


Since Romanian property sellers hardly post any photos, are stingy with details and usually answer questions with "Come by!", we quickly reached our frustration limit. However, this also strengthened the idea of making it easier for other emigrants, company founders and investors to actively support them on site in Romania and to remove stumbling blocks from their path.


The business concept was ready: a consulting agency for German-speaking EU citizens in Romania!


Finally, the coveted "farm with a large plot of land in a secluded location" was found and purchased as a renovation property in the village of Izbuc in the beautiful Apuseni Mountains (Romanian Western Carpathians). The address Izbuc 37 also provided the name for our Romanian consulting company.




From consultant to full-service provider in Romania


Shortly after founding the company, we had already brought the first German customers to the Apuseni Mountains and quickly learned two things:


  • You can only work successfully in Romania if you are well networked, have a strong team at your side and you prove to be a reliable and honest business partner who is recommended to others.
  • Our clients want much more from us than help in finding property and setting up a company


We have invested a lot of time in building up and expanding our Romanian network and in team building. With our team of qualified and reliable notaries, lawyers, consultants, translators, craftsmen, civil engineers and suppliers, we can now realise almost any project.


To meet the demand for full service, we added construction services and a marketing service to our portfolio. Real estate consulting has also been expanded, so that we are now also available to you as real estate agents in Romania.


In March 2023, together with our partner Christoph Dörr, we will respond to the increasing demand for professional construction machinery, tools and site equipment in the region by opening a professional rental park in the small town of Ștei. A little earlier, probably at the end of January 2023, we will breathe new life into the former event location "The Stone" in Vașcău with our business partner Ciprian Micle. A tourist information centre with a German café-bistro and regional souvenirs will be built here on 250 m².

Consultation on Romania

Beratung und Consulting Rumänien

We advise you at fair conditions: Real estate search, company formation, investment, emigration and relocation to Romania, job search, bank accounts, insurances and administrative procedures.


Real estate agent

Immobilienmakler in Rumänien

We always have a selection of checked properties in stock. Whether townhouse, farm, building plot or commercial property. We are the real estate agent for top properties in Romania.


Construction services in Romania

Baudienstleistungen in Rumänien

Renovation of old buildings or new construction in Romania to German standards? No problem with our help! Daily construction supervision, mediation of craftsmen, purchase of materials and organisation, etc.


Marketing, Web and SEO

Marketing, Software, Webdesign, SEO in Rumänien

With the experience of almost 30 years and countless completed projects in the areas of consulting, conception and development, we are happy to support you with your project.


Professional rental park in Romania

Construction machinery rental park

In our constantly growing professional rental park, you will find everything you need for your construction project, from trucks to excavators, scaffolding, trailers, lifts, vibratory plates and tools.


Tourist Info and Cafe

Tourist-Info, Cafe, Bistro, Souveirs Apuseni Gebirge

On an area of 250 m², we await you in Vașcău at the Tourist Info. Here you can get tips on accommodation and sightseeing as well as regional souvenirs, while enjoying German cakes and food.



We speak German and English.


Business hours

(Monday to Friday)

09.00 - 12.00 und 14.00 - 17.00


Outside these hours, please make an appointment only.

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  • Izbuc 37: deutschsprachige Beratung in Rumänien english-speaking partner on site
  • Izbuc 37: engagierter und zuverlässiger Partner in Rumänien committed and reliable
  • Izbuc 37: Beratung in Rumänien over 25 years of consulting experience