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  • Izbuc 37 Consulting SRL
  • Izbuc 37 Consulting SRL

We advise you at fair conditions: Real estate search, company formation, investment, emigration and relocation to Romania, job search, bank accounts, insurances and administrative procedures.

Buying a property in Romania, investing money in a foreign country, starting a Romanian business, or even emigrating to Romania completely is a step that should not be taken in a hurry. You will have to make decisions and your head will certainly be full of questions.


We see our task as advisors first and foremost in giving them answers. Because every question answered will give you a little more confidence to make a good decision.


Should you then decide in favour of Romania with a good feeling, we will accompany you during your project, represent your interests on site and do our best to remove stumbling blocks for you and to achieve your goals in an efficient and nerve-saving way.


Arrange a free and non-binding initial consultation now.







Is an advisor absolutely necessary?


Everything you want to achieve in Romania can also be done without our help and advice. However, you will save neither time nor money and will probably reach your frustration limit once or twice!


Every visit to Romania causes travel costs, accommodation costs, food costs and a considerable amount of time (e.g. holidays). Therefore, our procedures are optimised in such a way that you can complete everything with a maximum of one visit and then act in a relaxed manner from home without the need for further travel. 


  • For company formations in Romania, no travel is necessary. We can take care of everything together by e-mail and telephone
    For the complete property search, including purchase preparations and notary appointment, only one journey (2 working days on site) is necessary
    An unnecessary journey to Romania (e.g. because of missing documents, closed authorities, etc.) is usually more cost-intensive than our consultation including the completion of your request by us.




Are you a consultant type? 


Cooperation in consulting requires trust first and foremost. After all, you as a client have to make important decisions based on our advice, or transfer things to us so that we can take care of them on site in Romania in your interest. The chemistry must be right on both sides for close cooperation to work as equals.


For this reason, the initial meeting (free of charge and without obligation) is particularly important to us. It is only conducted by appointment, in peace and quiet and without time pressure, so that 


  • we can understand your concerns, your individual motives and your wishes and goals
  • you can get to know and question us and our working methods
  • we can decide together whether it makes sense to work together


Arrange a free and non-binding initial consultation now.




Does a Romania-Consultant fit into your budget?


The terms "consultant" or "consultancy" are very often (and perhaps not always without reason) associated with high costs. We have been working in the field of consulting for almost 30 years according to the motto: "A good consultant does not cause costs, but saves them!".


Furthermore, there is a misconception that consulting only makes sense for large projects with a corresponding budget. The opposite is the case!


The smaller the budget, the more necessary consultancy is!


Every mistake, every delay and every extra journey will cost you money. If your buffer is big enough, you can get over this more easily than with a very limited budget. First and foremost, we help you to avoid mistakes in order to get to your destination stress-free, cost-effectively and efficiently.




Wrong information is worse than no information!


It is understandable that you want to gather information to gain more certainty. Unfortunately, good information is rare and bad information is abundant and even free.


Especially in Facebook groups you will meet hundreds of self-proclaimed Romania specialists and get at least 20 different answers to every question. Mostly from people


  • who have too much time and too little knowledge
  • who don't live in Romania at all, but know exactly what's going on there
  • who live in Romania and haven't reached anything for years


You should always be cautious with compatriots - especially with estate agents who claim to have many years of experience.


Make up your own mind, independent of influences, rely on neutral sources, or arrange a free and non-binding initial consultation with your neutral and independent team of advisors in Romania now.

Our advisory services in Romania

Advice on general questions

Residence permit, bank accounts, dealings with authorities, permit procedures, translations, insurances


Property search and purchase

Choice of location, search for your dream property, purchase transaction (also: hire purchase), conversion, new construction, renovation


Company formations

Advice, examination or development of the business model, company formation, arrangement of rental premises



Counselling, dealing with authorities, finding rented accommodation, help with job search, relocation service


Investments and projects

Advice, investment tips, review or conception of business plans, application for subsidies


Consultation on Romania

Beratung und Consulting Rumänien

We advise you at fair conditions: Real estate search, company formation, investment, emigration and relocation to Romania, job search, bank accounts, insurances and administrative procedures.


Real estate agent

Immobilienmakler in Rumänien

We always have a selection of checked properties in stock. Whether townhouse, farm, building plot or commercial property. We are the real estate agent for top properties in Romania.


Construction services in Romania

Baudienstleistungen in Rumänien

Renovation of old buildings or new construction in Romania to German standards? No problem with our help! Daily construction supervision, mediation of craftsmen, purchase of materials and organisation, etc.


Marketing, Web and SEO

Marketing, Software, Webdesign, SEO in Rumänien

With the experience of almost 30 years and countless completed projects in the areas of consulting, conception and development, we are happy to support you with your project.


Professional rental park in Romania

Construction machinery rental park

In our constantly growing professional rental park, you will find everything you need for your construction project, from trucks to excavators, scaffolding, trailers, lifts, vibratory plates and tools.


Tourist Info and Cafe

Tourist-Info, Cafe, Bistro, Souveirs Apuseni Gebirge

On an area of 250 m², we await you in Vașcău at the Tourist Info. Here you can get tips on accommodation and sightseeing as well as regional souvenirs, while enjoying German cakes and food.



We speak German and English.


Business hours

(Monday to Friday)

09.00 - 12.00 und 14.00 - 17.00


Outside these hours, please make an appointment only.

  • Izbuc 37: neutrale, professionelle Beratung neutral, professional advice
  • Izbuc 37: deutschsprachige Beratung in Rumänien english-speaking partner on site
  • Izbuc 37: engagierter und zuverlässiger Partner in Rumänien committed and reliable
  • Izbuc 37: Beratung in Rumänien over 25 years of consulting experience